Premium Bats. Simplified.

Premium Bats. Simplified.

We're delighted to launch our brand new range for the 2023/2024 season, which is inspired by understated luxury.

Our bat selection has been optimised to offer two different shapes, but give you the option to personalise the bat with a selection of five different sticker sets.

We're devoted to creating quality, and high performing cricket bats and our two new bat shapes have been created based on our previous models.

All of our bats are handcrafted to the highest standards, and pressed to provide unrivalled performance and longevity.



A huge, full convex profiled bat designed to be a hybrid shape of our Pure and Halcyon models focuses on maximising power and performance in all formats, and conditions.

This shape is preferred by many professionals as it allows for maximum willow in the hitting area of the bat, and it also features a large toe and big edges.

Weights start from 2lb 9oz.

Shop Convex bats here.



Big edges, big spine, and a concaved profile which is based on our Virtuoso and Instinct models. This shape is designed to meet the modern demands of the game, and perfect for big hitting.

Weights start from 2lb 8oz.

Shop Concave bats here.


There's also a new range of softs, which include genuine Pittards leather palm Signature gloves, upgrades to the luggage and improved apparel which you can shop here.

Choose Your Style. Define Your Game. 

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