Our brand constantly evolves, as we live by a conscious mindset. Not just when it comes to creating quality cricket kit, but as we strive for quality in everything we do.

We are constantly pushing ourselves to be better every day and we will continually strive to find the best materials available and the most skilled manufacturers to achieve this.

Sustainability and ethical considerations are going to be a big focus for us going forward, and we will strive to improve this.


Behind the Brand

In 2014, PRYZM Cricket was founded by friends Matt Watkins and Liam Duignan in Worcestershire, UK, following a shared a love for cricket, creative design, an interest in revolutionary brands and a passion to create something that challenged the status quo.

The brand name represents a prism, where light is refracted in to different colours and angles which is the base of our brand.

Each bat model is represented by a different colour, which is designed to hit the ball in different areas - as if light was being refracted at different angles with a prism.



Creativity, quality, pride and honesty. 

We want to be proud of everything we do. Everything about the experience matters. From the quality of the products, to the service, to the packaging, to customer care. We want to treat our customers, the same way that we would want to be treated, and this is a bare minimum.