Signature - Grade 1+ English willow and will typically have 7-8 or more grains which are straight and evenly spaced without any blemishes on the playing face of the bat. Graded on looks, performance and also weight of the cleft. Only the top 5% of willow will be used.

Exclusive PRO - Grade 1 English willow and will have a minimum of 6-7 grains on the face of the bat. Clefts will be chosen for their weight and performance, as well as the grains on the bats to ensure a light pick-up and great ping. 

Exclusive - Grade 2 English willow. There will be a minimum of 4-5 grains on the face of the bat which may not be straight and may have the odd blemish or pin knot. This grade offers great value for money as they are made exactly the same as the other grades and you can expect similar performance as the higher grades over time.

Performance - Grade 3 English Willow. There will be a minimum of 4 grains on the face of the bat. They may not be straight and may have blemishes.

Butterfly - Butterfly Grade English Willow. Bats made from these clefts can have a natural stain in it, which can vary from a small mark, to a lot of colour thoughout the blade. Grains can also vary. Whilst this is usually our cheapest grade, this is purely down to the cosmetics of the willow - as the performance is fantastic. Usually these clefts are inherently stronger due to the stain, but they usually only come in medium-heavy weights.

All of our bats are crafted and pressed to ensure maximum performance, every bat is made with a top quality cane handle to improve the performance and durability. The grading will mainly be on the aesthetics and the size/weight of the cleft as all of our bats should perform to the best of their abilities.

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