When you purchase any bat from us, we offer you the option for us to make your bat match ready before we send it to you. This service will cost an additional £45 and can be completed whilst purchasing the bat on our online store here.

This includes;

  • Oiling the bat
  • Knocking-In the Bat by Hand
  • Applying a Top Quality Toe Guard
  • Applying a Top Quality Protective Scuff Sheet
  • Fibreglass Edge Tape

When knocking-in bats, we focus on knocking the toe and edges of the bat in mainly. As each bat is optimally pressed, knocking in the bat in the 'sweetspot' causes the bat to lose its 'ping' quicker - so we focus on knocking in the sections of the bat that need the most protection. Each bat is different and will need different amounts of time spent knocking it in, so doing this by hand we know when each bat is ready.

If you select to have your bat(s) made match ready, we'll try and get it done asap - however this will be a first come, first served basis - so please allow up to 2 weeks for your bat to arrive. Ultimately we knock the bats in to a standard that we would be happy to use in the nets against good quality balls - we cannot be at fault for any poor quality balls being used against these bats, if you feel that the bat isn't knocked in to your standard then please send it back to us before using the bat, otherwise you will void the warranty.