Cricket Off Season - 5 ways to make the most of it.

The most important part of the year in terms of advancing your game is here, but are you ready to make the most of it?

How many off seasons have you had so far? And have you bossed any of them? Well hopefully these 5 tips will help you make the most of this one


Here goes


1) Understand the 6 P’s

You know this one right? Probably been told it a lot before, hopefully! The 6 P’s stand for Planning & Preparation Prevent Piss Poor Performance. Pretty simple right? Well you’d think but it gets away from a lot

You see them going down the hope option rather than planning what they need to do. Well hope is not a tactic if you really wanna improve my pedigree chum.


2) Set a goal

 What is your goal gonna be for next year. A simple getting stronger isn’t really cutting the mustard. Leave that sort of thing to the lads down the gym doing bicep curls hoping it will help their bowling. Set a goal, define it, see it. Then set about achieving it. Write it down, it will come to life much quicker that way.


3) Sort your body out

The season can be long and tough and can play havoc with your body. The single sided nature of bowling lends itself to the body getting dysfunctions all over the place. The common ones we see in right arm fast bowlers is the left hip hitch and right shoulder drop. These things need sorting before heading into any strength phase. Or you’re just making a dysfunction stronger and gonna be emptying your pockets to a physio rather than put batters on their ass next season


4) Understand the canoe and cannon!

One big thing is understanding what the body needs in order to bowl quicker next season. Remember you cant fire a cannon off a canoe. So we need to get rid of the dysfunctions, then build the solid ground, which is the posterior chain. The back, glutes, hammys need to be eccentrically strong. The add the accelerators at the front


5) Weighted and mediball rule

If you don’t use the mediball and weighted cricket balls you wont be getting near your bowling pace potential. Make them part of your plan, especially after Christmas. They really are so crucial. Forget the ego gym number and go for what work.


So get these 5 things in place and this winter will be yours to boss around, and so will the batsmen next season.


If you need extra help our full 6 month off season program is available now


It takes you through the dysfunction phase, into strength and then the special strength. And with our Ultimate Injury prevention package you cant go wrong. You can get them here


And be the bowler you deserve to be, not get to this time next year thinking what if

Think differently.

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