Making Top Quality Cricket Kit More Affordable

Making Top Quality Cricket Kit More Affordable
In 2018, cricket kit is as expensive as it ever has been with RRP’s of top end cricket bats more than £600 from the likes of New Balance, Millichamp and Hall, Kookaburra, Chase, Gray-Nicolls and many others. At PRYZM Cricket, we have purposely lowered our prices to make it more affordable to own top quality cricket kit.

Our current top-end stock cricket bat is the Pro Edition, which is a handmade grade 1 English willow cricket bat that's only £279.00. This bat is on par, if not better than the bats that you will find at over £600 from the brands mentioned previously. You can also get a G1+ bespoke cricket bat to your specifications for only £324.00 with our Custom Edition.

We have even reduced our own RRP’s, as our top-end G1+ bats were over £100 more expensive last year but the quality this year is better than ever before. Previously our RRP’s were lower than the top-end mainstream brands, but they were still expensive and that was to position ourselves as a high-end brand in the market. Now, we hope to let our kit do the talking – we’re extremely confident that our kit is some of, if not the best out there and by making it more affordable, we hope to break more people away from the status quo.

Are these top-end mainstream bats better than PRYZM Cricket bats?
No, we believe our bats to the some of the finest cricket bats in the world – so they’re on par, if not better than these bats mentioned above.

Whilst we don’t know the full processes of the mainstream brands, a lot of their bats will be mass made in the sub-continent, compared to ours that are all handmade with care in the UK. From storing the willow in temperature controlled rooms which maintain optimum moisture levels, sourcing the best quality handles, carefully pressing every blade to perfection, hand-crafting each bat and finishing to outstanding standards - we take care in every process to produce the best cricket bats we can.

We’ve heard of some brands leaving willow baking in the sun to make them as light as possible, so they can make bigger bats, but this leaves the bats extremely prone to premature breakages with no moisture in the willow.
Ultimately, all top-end cricket bats are generally going to be made from the same raw materials – so there are other factors as to why these mainstream brands very expensive compared to ours such as big-money sponsored players, more mouths to feed and profit.

Why pay double the price for a top-end bat?
Every brand will have their own designs which make them unique, such as different profiles, the amount of concaving, different coloured stickers and so on – making it a great market for a consumer given that there is so much choice.

This means that everyone is going to have their own favourite designs, shapes etc… which influence what we perceive to be the best cricket bat. One person’s favourite bat could be a £600+ bat from a mainstream brand because they really get on with it and it installs them with confidence to be able to play to the best of their ability – however that same bat may feel like a plank to someone else.

Our core ethos of our bats is that they are made to score runs and be used by anyone, as we design and make our bats to perform, be well balanced and to be made well to give you the confidence to perform, which cannot be said for some mainstream brands.

With a PRYZM Cricket bat, we cannot guarantee you the runs – but we can guarantee you a top-quality cricket bat at an affordable price.

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