Full Length Padded Bat Cover

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The PRYZM Cricket Padded Bat Cover - the ultimate blend of style and protection for your cricket bat and an ideal cricket gear storage solution.

🏏 Total Bat Protection 🏏

Our Padded Bat Cover, also known as a bat protection sleeve, is designed to provide complete protection for your cherished cricket bat. With its full-length design and shock-absorbent padding, it ensures your bat remains unscathed, keeping it in pristine condition for every match.

💥 Shock-Absorbent Padding 💥

Fear no more about accidental bumps and knocks. Our padded bat sleeve boasts shock-absorbent padding, safeguarding your bat from unexpected impacts. Play with confidence, knowing your bat is in reliable hands.

🔒 Velcro Security 🔒

We've got your bat's back – and yours! The Velcro opening ensures a secure and snug fit, keeping your bat well-protected in this full-length bat cover. No more concerns about slips or accidents; your bat stays securely tucked away.

🎒 PRYZM Branded Carry Strap 🎒

Carry your bat with pride using the PRYZM branded carry strap. It's not just a cricket bat cover; it's a fashion statement and a bat storage solution. Display your cricket passion in style while ensuring your bat is always within reach.

Elevate your cricket gear game with the PRYZM Cricket Padded Bat Cover today. Protect your bat, express your style, and play your heart out with peace of mind. 🏆🏏

Don't wait; shield your bat with greatness now. Perfect for cricket gear protection and showcasing your cricket passion in style.